The Babina rijeka viaduct Annex is the extension of the Main viaduct, i.e. extension of it’s downhill (left) lane.

The viaduct Annex consists of one continual construction. The length of the viaduct Annex is 214,05m, and was designed as one braking unit with the following spans:

28m + 4 x 38m + 28m = 208m

The superstructure consists of longitudinally prestressed concrete double ribbed cross section, 3.0m deep. The width of the carriageway slab is 13.76 m.

The substructure consists of an end abutment (U1), one connecting pier with Main bridge (U2) and 5 intermediate piers. The height of the piers are 6.1m, 10.6m, 11.0m and 11.8m. Piers are elastically restrained into the superstructure or connected to it by two spherical or elastomeric bearings.

Bridge foundation is designed in the way that the local and global stability of the bridge is assured, special attention was paid to the stability in the construction phase, which – as known – is always most critical in construction of high and extensive bridges.