Responsability, professionalism, commitment

The responsability to the Employer and the society in general, is the key philosophy of the K BRIDGE DESIGN  Office. The reponsability concerns the offer and elaboration of the optimal construction solution, both in construction system & materials and cost estimate & maintenace costs. Our design bureau completely pretends to be the worthy successor of the bridge design philosophy that was cherished in decades ago in the eminent bridge design bureaus in the region.

K BRIDGE DESIGN is the design office a wide range of activities. Mainly work field are the bridges of all types ( bridges, viaducts, overpasses ... ). Besides the bridges design, we also do the designes harmonized with the constructing method – scaffolding construction, moving scaffolding, free cantilever construction, incremental launching method, segmental construction .... etc. We also deal with the complex constructing promblems solving, as well as foundation ones.

K BRIDGE DESIGN is founded  in  2015. and is composed of experienced engineers and technicians originating from eminent bridge design companies, as well as young and professional engineers. With the experienced, professional and dedicated staff, together with modern design software, K BRIDGE DESIGN  is capable to meet all Your demands.

„It’s higher skill to avoid the need for the bridge than to design and build the bridge itself“ – Paul Sejourne,
„Due to the timidity and fear of responsibilty, the concrete is not asked for all it could offer, and so in many cases the big and unneccessary victims are done to the public property“ – Eugene Freyssinet,
„Not looking for the beauty, some found it. The others, on the contrary, trying to catch it, didn’t reach beyond the ugly“ – Jean Pilpoul,
„Perfectly clear silhouette of the prestressed concrete bridge remembers us on truth that the progress is developed, mainly, from complexity to simplicity“ – Albert Caquot,
„...I like in particular all bridges, there’s something about them, and besides these, I’ve never seen an ugly bridge“ - Marilyn Monroe,
... and, in the end, our Ivo Andrić – „Of all the things a man in life instinct, build and construct, nothing in my eyes is better and more valuable than bridges. They are more important than houses, more sacred – ‘cause more general - the temples. Everyone’s, the same to everobody, useful, always built for a purpose, at the points where the most people's needs are met, more durable than other structures, and serve no secret or evil“.

The designers from K BRIDGE DESIGN  office are not the authors of those beautiful sayings about the bridges, but are their persistent followers.