Amendments and modifications of Main project due to modification of erection method of the superstructure – approach bridge superstructures 8A (581 m long) and 8B (697 m long).

In comparison to Main project, cross section of the bridge is formed by casting of the main girders in formwork (on fixed scaffolding). First phase of the casting is up to the height of the upper haunches. Second phase of concreting is carriageway with haunches of the main girders. Geometry of the main girders and carriageway is almost completely kept from Main project, with minimal amendments.

After casting of complete cross section in whole length of field, prestressing with cables should be done. First field should be prestressed from both sides, and each follows only from side towards to erection progress.

After the prestressing of erected field (simple beam), casting of the transversal girders should be done.