Main bridge design over the Nišava river, km 54 + 453.391 (left lane), 54+462.314 (right lane)

Bridge is placed over the Nišava river and rail road Niš – Dimitrovgrad.

Main bridge design defines bridges integrated in the left and right lane of highway E-80. Left bridge from km 54+335.616 (axis S1) to km 54+571.164 (axis S8), and right bridge from km 54+347.724 (S1) to km 54+576.381 (S8) of E-80 highway.

New right bridge superstructure (old piers are kept but repaired) and completely new left bridge, have same spans as the old right bridge (because of old piers of right stucture). Spans are 21.60 + 5 x 37.80 + 21.60 m. Total length of each bridge is cca 233 m.