Crni Timok river bridge rehabilitation was a part of the rehabilitation project of bridges on Paraćin-Zaječar M5 main road. Viaduct consists of three relatively independent structures

  • Structure 1 – five 24m long spans towards Paraćin, with main beam-inner piers stiff connection and free connection over end piers.
  • Structure 2 – three span frame 24m + 30m + 24m long over river Crni Timok.
  • Structure 3 – three 24m long span structure with main beam to inner piers stiff connection

Rehabilitation of bridge consisted of structure strenghtening and structure reparation.

Structure strengthening was achieved with external prestressing tendons, change of supporting scheme of structure, thickening of bridge slab and cantilevers, outer strengthening of cross beams and piers reinforcing with carbon fibre sheets.

Reparation of structure included works on reparation of damaged concrete surfaces and replacement of elements and accessories of traffic profile.