Interchange “Batjanica” is a part of 70km long Belgrade bypass project, which reroutes heavy truck and passenger traffic out from city urban core.

It is located at the beginning of 10.1km long sector A, Batajnica-Dobanovci, which connects motorway E-75 (Novi Sad- Belgrade) with motorway E-70 (Belgrade-Zagreb).

The whole construction contains two viaducts, each about 1400 m long, and four approaching ramps. Main viaduct structures are voided pre-tensioned concrete slabs, supported by 115 columns, and ramp main girders are reinforced voided concrete slabs. Viaduct span length is between 18 – 31 m, ramp main span length is 16 m and end-span 11 m. Bridge traffic profile is the highway profile. Bridge piers were founded on piles (piles are about 31 m long).

Total viaduct length is 1396 + 1429 = 2825m. Each viaduct structure has two approach ramps which total length is 681m. Approach ramps connect Belgrade bypass route with Zemun and Batajnica. Interchange total area is 46000m2.