Suspension footbridge over the Morača river in Zagorič is aimed for the pedestrian traffic between Podgorica – Danilovgrad motorway and the part of Podgorica city at the left river bank ( Piperska street ). The nearest surrounding bridge is located 518 m downstream. The bridge is 4.04 m wide, with the free passage profile of 3.6 m; the total bridge length is 71.5 m; the bridge has convex profile grade line, in vertical curve of radius R = 300.75 m, which ensures the pleasant view of the bridge.

The footbridge is slender structure, resting on old pylon foundations of the previous 70 years old bridge. Concerning bridge`s slenderness and deformability, especially in the assembly stages, calculation had been performed so as to be able to have an overview on the bridge`s behaviour in all constructing phases. After the works had been done, the test load and dynamic parameters measurements confirmed all the presumptions from the structural analysis.