Road bridge (viaduct) Prokop is bridge designed as a part of a city road from Vojvode Putnika Boulevard and Dragana Mancea Street, from km 0 + 574 to km 0 + 718. Bridge is placed between train station Prokop and tunnel portal. Bridge is designed as the second lane of existing road (left lane), at the embankment slope between road and the train tracks.

In the axis between old road lane (reconstructed) and the new viaduct, retaining wall will be executed, wall is 161 m long and it’s function is to support reconstructed right lane.

Viaduct is designed as a ˝S˝ curve (layout), and it has a longitudinal slope 6%.

Total bridge width is 10.25 m, carriageway is 7.0 m wide, one pedestrian path is 2 m wide and the other is 1.25 m wide.

Bridge is continuous structure, with spans 28.5 + 3 x 29 + 28.5 = 144 m, cross section consists six prefabricated simple beams (the first phase), every beam is 160 cm high and 158 cm wide, with connecting concrete deck slab (the second phase).